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an occasional touch of strings

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Imagine you told me 17 years ago that I would once perform live (mass)relaxation concerts for audiences that lay down, and produce & compose classical crossover music with a cinematic touch… I would have told you were crazy. (​I also perform 'normal seated concerts')

Mainly because, at the time, I was already 23 years old. I’d never played the piano and could not read scores! Everything changed during a cold winter in Montréal, while I was finishing my depressing university studies. Out of the purest boredom & apathy I ever experienced, I went over to the piano of my roommate, and touched, for the first time in my life, a piano key...

When I touched, for the first time in my life, a piano key....

Such a profoundly moving experience! Woooow! It changed my life forever. It tasted like coming home, helping me to find silence within. And that's also what my music is all about. During those first years of experimenting with the piano, I never saw myself as a musician.

Of course not, I hadn’t studied music. Sure, as a young kid I tried for a little while but was deeply traumatized by the old-fashioned & result-oriented teaching style at the time. Unlike many contemporary neo-classical musicians, I never received any formal musical training. I'm a true self-taught musician, my entry into music came as a complete surprise.

I was just fooling around - and enjoying the process. But yeah, what intrigued me immensely was this: every time I played the piano with some friends around, they almost instantly nestled themselves comfortably on the couch. Laying back, chilling, with their eyes closed, drifting away. Welcoming a sense of inner peace as I do while playing music. 

A long story short: my friends’ support inspired me to organize my first piano solo concert in 2008 - with an audience laying down, comfortably, on soft mattresses. It was so well received, that many shows followed, mainly in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, France, Spain & Mexico.

During all those years I never really listened to other people’s music. This was a natural instinct, helping me to discover and develop my own signature sound.

My audience & loyal fans were eagerly waiting for the release of my first album. My first piano solo album, "Into Resonance" was launched in 2011. A couple years later I crowdfunded my second piano solo album "Resonancia II" in 2013. Then, after having enjoyed some inspiring musical adventures with other music ensembles, I decided to bring my music to a whole new level. Yeah, as an independent musician, it's an exciting & adventurous challenge to bring the music you make to a much broader & mainstream international audience.

So, back in 2016, I started studying the art of mixing & mastering. Since then I produced several productions of independent artists and the music for a successful Belgian TV documentary “Tot in den Draai.” Since a couple of years, I collaborate with other artists (cello, violin, singers) to bring my compositions and live performances to the next level. Meanwhile, I also give ‘normal’ concerts in theatres and venues, allowing many more listeners to discover & enjoy my music - even babies & toddlers.

Thanks for reading & listening to my music. Let stay in touch!

Discography (see below)
Electronic Press Kit (EPK, click here)


‘In Between’ Double CD, peaceful piano, world music, ambient soundscapes (expected mid 2018)
'Tot in den Draai' music for documentary (late 2016 - early 2017)
‘All is well - Remix 1’ Single by Steven Vrancken (2014)
‘Phenomenae’ co-production, world music by Soundjourney Ensemble (2014)
‘Yucatan Nature Sounds’ nature soundscape by Steven Vrancken (2013)
‘Resonancia II’ piano solo by Steven Vrancken (2013)
‘Pure sea sounds’ nature soundscape by Steven Vrancken (2011)
‘Into resonance’ piano solo by Steven Vrancken (2011)
‘Higher motions’, composition on the album ‘Troissoeur’ (2004 by EMI Belgium


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