peaceful piano music 
at its heart; relaxing piano, with
an occasional touch of  strings

~ since 2008

​Concert halls & venues​

​neoclassical, peaceful piano concerts

Enjoy my thoughtfully crafted and original neoclassical music from the (seated) comfort many decent concert halls and venues have to offer, and prepare yourself for a unique experience, where tangible silence speaks in between the songs instead of applause.

​If you want to know more about my relaxing piano music, please read about my unconventional path into its realm. For additional questions, please use this contact form, or find me on Facebook; get in touch.

​Live peaceful piano concerts
See pictures below

peaceful piano concert in Macharius kerk
peaceful piano with cello
neoclassical piano concert in Mérida, Yucatan
neoclassical concert with piano, violin, cello and dulcimer
shruti box and rattles at minimal classical crossover concert
peaceful piano by steven vrancken

​Video: my latest single "Himaya". Click here to download for free.


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