peaceful piano music 
at its heart; relaxing piano, with
an occasional touch of  strings

~ since 2008

​Peaceful piano concert formulas

​I love to share my music in various ways and through different, adventurous formats, suited for all audiences, literally.

please click on the images to learn more

Concert halls & venues

​​peaceful neoclassical music concerts

​Lay down, chill & relax

​an ultimate relaxing piano music experience

piano ligconcert, peaceful piano concert

​Baby music concerts

​soothing concerts for mums & newborns

​Relaxing music for kids

​calming family concerts ​with original music

​Special moments & unique locations

​if you are looking for something really unique...

​Piano ligconcerten (Ndl)

​klaar voor een nieuwe luisterervaring?


​Video: my latest single "Himaya". Click here to download for free.


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