peaceful piano music
at its heart; relaxing piano, with
an occasional touch of strings

​Music (solo & collaborations)

Welcome to my online music shop. Here you can pre-listen to and buy my music online via Bandcamp - which is the most interesting option for me as an independent musician. Thanks for your support. If you like, you can also buy my music through iTunes, Amazon or CDbaby. This shop is currently under construction. Join my mailing list to receive updates.

'In Between' double album - ​Exclusively through ​this website.

​It all started with this crowdfunding video:

A warm-hearted thanks to everyone’s support, you know who you are! Especially to these crowdfunders:  Michael Niclaus, Anniek Gavriilakis, Ine De Rycke, Iele Steen, Katrien Vangheluwe, Ignace Lecluyse, Tine Tomme, Annick Defoort, Kristel Van den Eynden, Laurent Caris, Luc De Cuyper, Sharon Van Dousselaere, Roel Crabbé, Cel Vrancken, Kristin Cafmeyer, Pia Lefèvre, Jorgo de Groof, Caroline Dellaert, Michael Sabbe, Marielle Dobbels, Paul Vanhauwere, Lut Van Malderen, Mieke Vercruysse, Leo Van den Bossche, Danielle Bosch, Rosanne Buyle, Annette Lavelle, Laura Sabbe, Glenda Schelfhaut, Claire Tibeau, Tim Vrancken, Thomas Regis Kennedy. And a very special thanks to Alexia & Elora.

All music composed, produced, mixed & mastered by Steven Vrancken (piano, voice, xaphoon, sansula, synths)
Edwin Vanvinckenroye: violin on CD 1 tracks 1, 7 & 10, CD 2 track 4
Wouter Vercruysse: cello on CD 1 tracks 1, 2, 6, 7 & 8
Seawinds vocals: Patricia Van Cutsem, Anja Louisa Desmet (arrangement)

Recording: Level 41, Steven Vrancken, Samuel Stroobants
Graphic design: Maarten Deckers

Concerts & bookings: stevenvrancken.com/contact

Piano works. "Into Resonance" (2011), "Resonancia II" (2013)

Collaborations. "Tot in den Draai (music for documentary)" (2017), "Phenomenae by Soundjourney Ensemble" (2014)

Pure nature sounds. "Yucatan Nature Sounds" (2013), "Pure Sea Sounds" II" (2011)


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