peaceful piano music 
at its heart; relaxing piano, with
an occasional touch of  strings

~ since 2008

​Baby sleep music in concert

​“Your music contributed to a beautiful home birth of our daughter! Your album created, for days,
soothing blissful vibe next to her bed".” (a proud mum and daddy)

​Welcome to this excellent opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, musical journey with your little one! It's an exclusive concert for a limited audience: Are you ready for an entirely new and relaxing listening experience? Immerse yourself and your baby in a peaceful new world of dreamy ​melodies and original relaxing piano music.

​According to Prof. Marc Leman, a music psychologist at UGent in Belgium, these three elements make the calming effects of music tangible: a slow pace, no clear rhythm, and a human voice, all of which are abundant in my live concerts.

​I’m currently a young dad; I love to share soothing piano music with my daughter. ​I don’t just play “classical” music, but play the piano intuitively with much room for improvisation.

​Through this approach, I’m able to sense the atmosphere, the audience, the babies... and what kind of melodies, pace, and music would be most suitable. ​My concerts and music albums help many young parents create a quiet atmosphere for their little ones, and for themselves. ​This is one of the most beautiful gifts I can get.

​I invite you to discover this for yourself: play my music for your baby and see what happens. Else, attend a live concert and enjoy the experience of your baby falling asleep on your lap, dreaming to peaceful piano music.

If you want to know more about my music, please read about my unconventional path into its realm. For additional questions, please use this contact form, or find me on Facebook; get in touch.

Live baby sleep music concerts
See pictures below


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