peaceful piano music 
at its heart; relaxing piano, with
an occasional touch of  strings

~ since 2008

​Relaxing piano music — in concert

​chill, lay down & relax with this peaceful piano music

​​My passion for peaceful silence is at the heart of all my music, as is the case for various fans and audiences. The very particular and unique thing about these concerts is that the audience is invited to listen to the music while relaxing on a soft mattress, lying down, with their eyes closed... and people love it! (see pictures below)

​For a listener, this gives them a completely different listening experience, contrary to a “normal” concert with chairs. It is a scientifically proven, relaxing listening experience.

​​Between the songs, there’s no applause, only the joy of silence; for without silence, there would be no music. I also give “normal” neoclassical concerts, in the same atmosphere, from the seated comfort that most concert halls and venues have to offer. I love to perform solo, or with the cello and/or violin and vocals.

​If you want to know more about ​my music, please ​read about my unconventional path into its realm. ​For additional questions, please use this contact form, or find me on Facebook; get in touch. ​

​live peaceful piano concerts
See pictures below


​Video: my latest single "Himaya". Click here to download for free.


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